Paradigm & COVID-19

We’re living through an unprecedented time in our world’s history, with the advent of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We know there is an overload of information and resources out there – as well as a lot of companies and organizations sharing their responses to the pandemic. It can all be a bit overwhelming. We at Paradigm want to be sensitive to that, and would never want to add to that feeling in any way. That said, we wanted to share briefly what we’re doing and our responses to the complex situation we’re in.

Since our inception, Paradigm has been a mobile agency. We have gone through various iterations over the years, but we have stayed primarily a work-from-home company – remaining flexible and agile for our clients. This has never been more true than over the last year or so, when we became a truly nomadic, full-time traveling agency. (More on that here.)

Our partners and subcontractors remain a vital part of our workforce, and in this season, we remain committed to them and their needs. If we can help or support them in any way, we will. As for us, it’s business as usual (or as close as we can be), and are working hard to keep communication and steady flow of work for our clients. We also recognize that our existing clients and new clients will have unique needs during this time, and we are exploring all avenues and options for meeting those needs. If you have a business need and are needing support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Finally, we hope that you all are staying safe and hopeful during this time. Let us know how we can help, work or otherwise. We’re all sort of figuring it out as we go. We’d love to be a resource. Stay safe and healthy out there.

With hope,
Harlan & Yvette Bowling