The Invisible Man – Liu Bolin

Got an email recently that had images of Liu Bolin, a 39 year old Chinese artist who paints himself to camouflage with the settings around him. He uses no trick photography; He just paints himself. I’m so impressed by his skills.

Billy Gibbons’ BFG Brand Launch Party!

We had the pleasure of traveling to Austin this week to be a part of Billy Gibbons’ BFG Brand launch party. We don’t often get to hang out with celebrities, so there was no way we were missing this opportunity. It was also so nice to see products we helped design make their way to the real world.

We had a great time meeting Billy and getting serenaded by the legendary Jimmy Vaughn. We even got to see an extremely rare performance by Billy and Jimmy together on the same stage.

Check out the rest of the images here.

Rüdiger Nehmzow’s Clouds

Every time I’m on an airplane, I find myself in awe at the beauty of the clouds. That’s why I’ve been so enthralled at Rüdiger Nehmzow’s photos. These are more than your typical point at the sky photos…instead, they’re taken from an open door up to 4 miles in the air.  The oxygen was so thin up there, Rüdiger had to wear an oxygen mask just to take them.  Amazing!

View more of his photos here…and on his website.

EVOL’s Miniature City

We’ve been away for a few days…sorry about that. Allow us to get back in the swing with this really unique art installation in Hamburg, Germany by celebrated artist EVOL.  This piece, created for a music festival there, features a miniaturized “city”, where people can stomp through like giants, wreckage not included. If only it were closer.

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Carmageddon’s Iconic Photo

As many of you heard, the famously jammed 405 highway in Los Angeles was shut down last weekend for repairs/construction. During what I’m sure was mayhem, a few adventurous friends, including Jesse Glucksman, decided to have an impromptu dinner (sans actual food) on the abandoned roadway.

Storm King Art Center

Special thanks go out to Lisa Smith for turning us onto the Storm King Art Center, a lush 500+ acre landscape in lower Hudson Valley, New York, which features more than 100 sculptures by some of the most acclaimed artists of our time.  We want to visit!

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