All Saints Episcopal School

Print Design | Consulting

All Saints Episcopal School is one of our most dedicated and special clients. For many years, we have had the privilege to partner with ASES to produce a wide variety of print collateral and web assets. Their high-standard for excellence in all things challenges us in countless ways.


Cusack Music

Web Development | Consulting

So incredibly proud to announce our partnership with Cusack Music out of Holland, Michigan, and the launch of their brand new site designed by us here at Paradigm. We’re very excited about the friendship we’ve been building with Jon, Tony, Blake and the staff. Cusack makes incredible pedals, amplifiers, and tech for guitar players and bands worldwide.

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Library of Congress Restored Photos

I wish I knew more about the artists and groups that are taking it upon themselves to create HD recreations of decades old photos from the library of congress. If you know, feel free to link to them in the comments and I’ll share the info. For now, take a look at this amazing gallery.

Vetro Glassblowing Studio

Web Development | Consulting

The experience at Vetro Glassblowing Studio in Grapevine is one that you truly have to see for yourself. Skilled artisans craft gorgeous pieces right before your very eyes in the studio. Vetro offers workshops and events as well, where you can get your hands dirty with the team and create your very own work of art. Paradigm has had a great long-standing relationship with Vetro, and are proud to partner with them on their new websites.

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Steel Shutter

Print Design | Art Direction

Steel Shutter is an extraordinary photography studio, run by the one and only Jeremy Enlow. Jeremy displays a true passion for photography, and his body of work is as impressive as anyone we’ve seen. We are honored to partner with Jeremy on his brand for Steel Shutter. Sometimes the word “partner” goes a little further than you expect. Jeremy Enlow at Steel Shutter Photography has been a personal friend of ours for many years now. We’ve felt honored to walk alongside Jeremy in countless projects, and have felt tremendously thankful when he shows up to snap photos of even the most mundane of events for us. Not only is Jeremy an amazing guy, he’s also a tremendous artist.


Outlaw Chef Brand / Fred’s Texas Cafe

Print Design | Web Development | Packaging | A Little Bit of Everything

Terry Chandler is a Fort Worth institution. The “Outlaw Chef” is the owner and head chef of Fred’s Texas, an irresistible burger joint in West 7th, and Ranch Oak Market, a brand new deli in the same area. So consider us privileged to be a part of the Outlaw Chef Brand and Fred’s, through branding, print collateral and web.


Foodways Texas

This poster, for the Texas Culinary Charreada held at Clear Fork Station, was the first of many we’ll be involved in for the Fort Worth chapter of Foodways Texas. Bringing a new breed of culinary passion to Fort Worth, Foodways Texas is a very exciting partner for us.


Mustang Wanted’s “Skywalking”

Yeah, pretty sure this one won’t end well. Nevertheless, I’m still fascinated by the photos taken by Mustang Wanted (a psuedonym so as to not attract legal attention) where he climbs tall structures and just hangs off them. Honestly, I’m having trouble coming up with the words for this one. I’m sure my mother would have a few. Nevertheless, to keep it brand related, he’s considering monetizing the stunts, possibly taking your logo or brand up into the sky with him.

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